Yokohama Port Museum

Yokohama Port Museum is the first museum featuring the Port of Yokohama. In April 2009, the Museum was totally remodeled from Yokohama Maritime Museum (opened in 1989) by the 150th Anniversary of the Port Opening Commemorative Project. Under the theme of “Port of Yokohama in history and life”, the exhibits focus on the history, operation and role of the Port of Yokohama. The Museum also provides special exhibitions, lectures, tours and craft classes.

We at the Yokohama Port Museum look forward to welcoming you to a museum where both children and adults can enjoy finding out about the port of Yokohama.


Permanent Exhibits consist of two zones; “Port of Yokohama History Zone” and “Port of Yokohama Rediscover Zone”. The History Zone looks back at the seven periods of the 150 years of the Port’s history and the Rediscovery Zone explores the system and role of the Port through different themes such as Port Construction, Harbor Transportation, Marine Transport and Living & Environment. The Museum also has an extensive maritime reference library.

Please remember the following points(Sail Training Ship NIPPON MARU/Yokohama Port Museum)

  • Please do not run unless there is an emergency.
  • Mind your head and feet on the ship, and use the rail on the staircases.
  • Please ensure you hold hands with any infants. Infants cannot board the ship alone.
  • Viewing of the ship by wheelchair is restricted to the upper deck only (the long poop deck) due to safety considerations.
  • The following are forbidden on the ship: smoking, eating or drinking, use of fire, taking on board of dangerous objects or pets, climbing the mast, or entering any of the areas that are out of bounds.
  • You are welcome to take photographs on the ship, but not in the museum (in order to conserve the documents, and for copyright protection reasons).

Note: Photography or filming for commercial purposes will require prior application to the Museum, for which a separate charge will be made.